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Neither KN nor I were very hungry, come supper time; however, scallops or shrimp would be excellent additions, and a salad or bread would be all it needs on the side. Also, if I were to toss some kind of seafood in, I might also add in a tiny bit of crushed red pepper, for a subtle kick.

This was good (KN gave it a huge grin and a definite "This is good!"), despite the lemon being a little too pronounced and overshadowing the garlic and basil, and it has been added to the rotation.

Fettuccine with Shiitake Mushrooms and BasilCollapse )

Getting Reacquainted with My Kitchen

And not burning the house down, even.

Last week, my roommate's parents were over, and when it got to be about time for food, I wrote down what's required for fitfool's Chickpea-Tomato-Cucumber-Olive Salad, and went shopping. I too added kalamatas, as FF did, and tossed in feta as well, to give it a little boost. Two days later, we made some tortellini and threw them into the leftover salad with a little additional balsamic and olive oil, which made for a very nice, very filling dinner. I kind of want to see how it would do with couscous in place of the garbanzos, and maybe some pearlini in place of the feta...

Chickpea-Tomato-Cucumber-Olive SaladCollapse )

Tonight, I decided to use some of the potatoes we got over the weekend, and roasted them. The recipe I found called for curry powder, but since we currently lack that in our pantry, I substituted in garam masala. I thought about adding in some fresh lime juice before tossing the spuds in the oven, but didn't -- however, KN put some on his when he served his plate, and it was good, so I think I will go ahead and tweak that into the recipe next time. It's a very simple thing anyway, which gave me room to up the spices for our tastes, and think of other things to add once I had a feel for how the basics would taste.

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Okay, that's too cute.

The King of Pancakes.

It's worth it to scroll through the picture-set -- there are some really awesome things in there!


...I don't think they'll be asking if one wants chips with that.

Would you care for a cheese sammich?

AngelVixen :-)

How about some PopTart sushi?

Not your thing? How about PopTart soup? Pop Tarts Tartare?

The PopTart cafe opens in NYC.

I'm a party pooper -- the only PopTart I enjoy is the Chocolate Fudge, and even then, I eat them rarely. Then again, when am I ever the target demographic? <grins>

AngelVixen :-)


For Kel

Elana's Pantry -- had this website recommended to me, and didn't know if you'd seen it.