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In short, the little-birthday-dinner-that-could (a guest list of 6 people) turned into a family gathering (10, with a few seconds' panic of "oh my God, 2 dozen people and we have to feed them!") was carried off well.

And we're doing it again next week, for the original six people. I need to start thumbing my recipe books for lower-sodium recipes. No fish (two non-eaters) and no pork (we did that tonight). Anybody have suggestions?

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Crossposting killernurd's entry (previously posted at Dragon's Roost), as he sums up our latest adventure better than I can...

Killernurd writes:
When I was little, my parents and I used to eat at a lot of local ethnic restaurants, and the end result of this was my exposure to a lot of international cuisine at a young age.

One of the places we used to go was a joint called Oasis, a nearby Indian restaurant, where they weren’t liberal with the spices, but it was more than my undeveloped palate could handle comfortably. The counter to this, of course, was the Indian concoction called a ‘lassi’, which puts out the fires quite nicely.

Lassis come in as many flavors are there are flavorings, but there are a few things that remain constant: there is always a thick dairy product, usually yogurt or sour cream, and sugar. Sometimes, milk is added to keep it runny and potable, since many of the flavoring agents either don’t get runny when you blend them, or aren’t added in sufficient volume to make that difference. The end result of the blending, however, is the thick, but easily drinkable, goop provided by the heavens.

Needless to say, I love lassis, but of all the flavors I’ve tried, I retain my greatest love for lassis blended with mango.

Tonight, I made a couple of mango lassis in my Magic Bullet (which, by the way, makes single-serve lassis a snap). When I handed the first one off for a taste, it was promptly confiscated from my hands to the phrase, “It’s mine; you can’t have it back!” I guess it was a hit, yeah? After tasting the next one, I couldn’t agree more.

These are really, really easy to make. They need:

* 1 cup plain yogurt
* 1 cup mango juice
* 2 teaspoons sugar

I’ve had lassis with cardamom, but I prefer mine without, which is good, since I don’t have any cardamom right now.

Tips on Curry

Mostly for beginners (like me). Anything you might add? Anything you think isn't so important?

Nine Steps to Make a Great Indian Curry.

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Just enough to tantalize you.

killernurd and I went out to one of the local international stores in search of umeboshi to make onigiri for the next day's lunch, and ended up not only getting that, but also veggies and lo mein noodles to make that night's dinner.

Umeboshi Onigiri and Veggie Lo MeinCollapse )

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Seen in Tom's journal

100 games in 100 cupcakes.

I actually rather like the idea of doing something like that. It'd go over well at the parties I tend to frequent...

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What d'you do with a rosemary tree?

Even if it's neither drunken nor early in the morning...

So, I have this small rosemary tree (0.45 meters/1.5 feet) that's just been re-gifted to me, and it's begun its slow decline, necessitating a recovery of as much of the rosemary as I can. Who's got ideas (besides rosemary pork and rosemary vinegar)? I'll be your especially devoted Angel if you've got a tried-and-true rosemary scone recipe I can snitch.