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Once upon a time, KN bought me some dill Havarti cheese, and upon taking my first bite, I thought two things.

One, "...where have you been all my life? This is even more delicious than the dill Havarti Grandpa buys, which is sliced so thinly one can't taste anything. Must not melt on chair..."

Two, "...this needs to be put in mashed potatoes. Like, now."

Some weeks, a new bag of potatoes, and a fresh block of cheese later, this is what happened:

Mashing potatoes is a great stress reliever. Beware the woman with the masher.

While I worked on the cheesy goodness, KN made us some roasted red pepper sauce:

The florescent light in our smallish kitchen does the sauce no justice -- it looks washed-out, but it's really a pale orange. And très yum.

Now we just have to decide what kind of pasta we're having for dinner.


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Jul. 28th, 2010 01:06 am (UTC)
I'm not sure I've ever tasted havarti. I like how you tasted it, immediately thought of something to make with it, and then found it did indeed taste as good as you thought it would.
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